The Hunger Games Books Trilogy Review – Book 1

On my last weekend I finished reading all 3 books of “The Hunger Games” Trilogy practically in one sitting (technically with one 6 hour sleep break). All 3 books were so riveting that I just could not drop it.

I started with the book “The Hunger Games”.  Here’s review of it in my words:

This book engages you from the beginning and takes you into the life of hardship for Katniss Everdeen in “District 12″ and few moments of happiness in life when she is with her sister Prim, or hunting outside the District 12 boundaries with Jake or selling hunt at black market of “The Hob”. Books gives very engaging view of Katniss life and you immediately gets immersed in that. Then life takes turn for Katniss when Prim is selected for “The Hunger Games” organized by evil lords of “The Capitol”. These games are evil, where 24 contestants fight to death till 1 remains. Katniss could not bear Prim going there so she decides to volunteers. Katniss’s life changes, she sees “The Capitol” for the first time and how people there have all the luxries as opposed to hardships faced by people of “District 12″. She also starts to getting know Peeta, who secretly loves her and other member of her team who prepares her for the deadly games. Then she participates in the games and meets some deadly enemies and find some surprising friends, sees lot of death, discovers her care for Peeta and in the end with her wit comes winner with both Peeta and her alive. Capitol sees her manouvers as challenge to their authority but she is free atleast for the time being.


  • Overall the book grasps you and you cannot keep it down till you have read it cover to cover.
  • Excellent narrative, you can see the district, characters and games in your head.
  • Novel story line
  • Not a all goody good novel where all good people are alive in the end. Lot of good people die.


  • Apart from very engaging narrative people will notice that it’s all first hand from the eyes of Katniss. No other view point is ever presented. I did not like that, it’s engaging to some degree but when questions build and there is no real answer it’s a bit of disappointment. This is not very apparent in first book of the Trilogy but is very much there in 2nd and 3rd.

 In case you did not know here are the books of hunger games Trilogy:

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Mockingjay
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