Greenplum Announces Big Data Analytics Platform

GreenPlum (A division of EMC) recently announced their Big Data Analytics Platform. Take a look @

Here are the key announcements:

  1. They are releasing their Social Big Data Analytics Platform called Chorus.
  2. They have created a new SKU called UAP (Unified Analytics Platform) which combines their GreenPlum Database, Apache Hadoop Distribution (& not EMC’s MapR distribution) and Chorus Analytics Platform.
  3. They intend to make Chrous Open Source in 2nd half of FY12.
  4. They have acquired company called Pivotal Labs which specializes in helping organizations with Agile Development.

Here’s my take on few of these:

  1. It’s very interesting and unique of Greenplum to combine Big Data Activity with Social. If we look deeper into it, we see that social is a more of a collaboration tool to facilitate communication between different parties involved in Data Analysis. It’s modeled around Facebook Wall concept with added ability to attach data analytics specific files to the comments.
  2. At the core this is an integration platform. It does not provide analytics capabilities. It allows you to integrate with other analytics provider in an easy to do way and move your data and analytics results seamlessly between data source and analytics provider. The demo they showed used Alpine Data Labs product Alpine Miner for actual Data Mining and Analysis. Chorus provided platform to export data to Alpine Data Miner and to pull results back.
  3. It does not introduce new capabilities. Everything which it lets you do, you could have done otherwise as well. Platform nature of it will make it easier.
  4. They want to promote Chorus as open source akin to Android. I believe (in my personal opinion) that key reason behind this is to enable more analytics and data providers to join this platform there by increasing the stickiness of this platform.
  5. Pivotal Labs is a very interesting acquisition. Greenplum claims that generating insights from raw data will be in process similar to software development process. And as Agile Methodologies can speed up the software development process their belief is that same (or similar) methodologies can speed up data insight generation process. I personally believe they want to leverage Pivotal labs experience in guiding organizations with software development process for data insight generation process as well. We should keep an eye for more products around this.

Let me know if you have any comments either good or bad.

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